‫ Inauguration of ten innovation center in Shahid Beheshti university

Tehran (IP) - Ten innovation centers, one accelerator center and several technological projects related to laser were inaugurated in Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran.

Iran PressIran News: In the unveiling ceremony held in the presence of vice president Sorena Sattari and Shahid Beheshti university’s president Saadollah Nasiri, many knowledge-based companies exhibited their latest achievements.

The products included the latest technologies in laser, fighting with coronavirus and many other fields.

Vice president for science and technology said that these days the universities’ approach had changed completely, and they are focusing on production and creativity rather than just getting degrees.

Sattari stressed the need to use scientific committees in new sectors such as biotechnology and describe Shahid Beheshti university as the main laser science centre.

He also said that each graduate student must be supported to establish a knowledge-based company and said that researching without having customers is meaningless.

Vice president for science and technology also encouraged universities to focus on new fields rather than basic sciences.

There is a platform in the vice presidency for science and technology which encourages graduates from top universities to work in Iranian universities as scientific committees, Sattari concluded.